Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is meant to tell you regarding data the knowledge the data that's collected from you once you visit the Site; however this info could also be used and disclosed; however you'll be able to management the employment and revelation of your information; and the way your information is protected.

Purpose Of Health Duties:
We committed to protecting the privacy of patient and employees information. we tend to tend to area unit required by law to defend personal information and keep company with the Health Records Act  and completely different relevant legislation regarding confidentiality & privacy policy outlines the management System of personal information at Main Manager to satisfy the requirements of this legislation.

Public Attraction & Awareness:
This policy relates to employees, patients and their families, visitors, members of the final public and external organizations, and online public Beauty & Fitness solution. We Always Try to Simply and Valuable Service Provided For Every one Users. Maintain a good Experiences for existing Users.

Our Policy:
Collection Main Manager provides all patients with a reproduction of folder outlining key information regarding the organization's information handling practices and also the method a patient can access their information. Main Manager only collects personal & health information necessary to perform our functions. information area unit collected by honest and lawful means, where get-able directly from the patient themselves.

Use and revealing usually, information is simply used and disclosed for the primary purpose that it had been collected or a directly connected secondary purpose. Generally, this is often this can be often for the aim of providing care and treatment or functions directly connected. we tend to tend to may use or disclose information for various functions, that are allowable beneath law. For example: to cut back or forestall a big threat to public health, welfare or safety. won't use or disclose any info regarding you to third-party corporations while not your consent unless wrongfully needed to try and do therefore. Data Security and information and knowledge informations Retention All low cost measures are taken to defend personal health data within (Main-Manager) from unauthorized access, improper use disclosures, unlawful destruction or accidental loss. Our medical records and laptop systems have controlled access and only authorized employees members can gain access. information that may be needed for future care of the individual or for public health reasons area unit unbroken firmly for future retrieval.

How we have a tendency to use the data that we have a tendency to collect

Email Communications:

We might use the data that we have a tendency to collect to send you e-mail communications, like info concerning your account or changes to the positioning, promotional messages concerning our own or our selling partners' merchandise and services, and our email newsletters.

The in person identifiable info you have American country Or India is mostly wont to do your requests, answer your inquiries, higher serve you or in different ways that naturally related to the circumstances during which you provided the data. we have a tendency to may additionally  use this info to later contact you for a range of reasons, like client service, providing you promotional info for our merchandise or those of our related to firms.

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