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Health is a comprehensive, integrated organization providing level one care for all, regardless of ability to pay. 25% percent of all residents, or approximately 150,000 individuals, receive their health care at  Health. One in three children in  is cared for by Health physicians as well.

As Colorado's primary safety net institution,  Health has provided billions of dollars in uncompensated care.  Health is an integrated, efficient, high-quality health care system serving as a model for other safety net institutions across the nation.

Health Mission

Provide access to the highest quality health care, whether for prevention, or acute and chronic diseases, regardless of ability to pay;
Provide life-saving emergency medicine and trauma services to  and the Rocky Mountain region;
Fulfill public health functions as dictated by the  Charter and the needs of the citizens of ;
Provide health education for patients;
Participate in the education of the next generation of health care professionals; and
Engage in research, which enhances our ability to meet the health care needs of  Health system patients
Health Vision

To be the healthiest community in the United States.
Health Values Statement
We promise to treat patients, visitors and each other with courtesy, dignity and respect.
We promise to solve problems through teamwork and good communication.
We promise to strive for excellence through continuous improvement and innovation.
We promise to use our time, talent and resources responsibly and effectively.
We promise to do what’s right.
We believe in keeping our promises.
Health Dozen
We resolve to...

Treat each other, our patients and their families, with courtesy, empathy and respect. Be a  health ambassador.

Provide high quality health care.

Care for all people regardless of gender, ethnicity or social class.
Solve problems through teamwork and open communications.
Strive for continuous performance improvement and innovation.
Educate each other, our patients and the next generation of health care professionals.
Create pride and joy in the workplace.
Think safety first. Each employee is responsible for creating safe processes and a safe environment for patients and each other.
Use  Health’s resources wisely and efficiently, and eliminate waste.
Foster and appreciate the talents of our work force.
Workplace cleanliness is the responsibility of every employee.
Each employee can and should solve problems when they occur.

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